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Santiago de Esterio, Argentina

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    CITY DESCRIPTION: SANTIAGO DE ESTERIO is the capital city of the Province of the same name about 670 miles northwest of Buenos Aires. It is one of Argentina's oldest cities having been founded in the mid 1500's, today it is inhabited by 214,000 people. While it has kept much of its charms of antiquity (and actively rebuilding some) it has modernized much of the city with wide avenues and modern buildings. It is a commercial city with a solid business infrastructure. For the tourist or the business traveler between meetings there is a lot to see of Argentina's colonial past. It features a good selection of hotels and restaurants to fit almost any budget or taste.

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                                           NAME.                         STARS.          LOCATION.             SNGL$.
  • Click here for the Centro HotelCentro Hotel.                     3.             1 Blk from Plaza. $56.

  • Click here for the Coventry hotelCoventry Gran Hotel.  3.              In City.                   $55.
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