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    CITY DESCRIPTION: SANTA ROSA is the Capital of La Pampa Province some 380 miles southwest of Buenos Aires. Small for a provincial capital, it has a population of around 90,000. It is a young city started in the 1890's as an agribusiness center for the area. Pampas says it all. Here you can find ranches, gauchos, cattle and flat just like most of West Texas, but with more water and less wind. For a leisure traveler there is little to offer except to see the classical Argentine ranch in operation. It has a moderate but sufficient number of hotels and restaurants (including Parrilla Tejas or "Texas Grill") which naturally serve some really great steaks.

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  • Click here for the Arcos del Rio hotelArcos del Rio.               3.                Riverside.            $45.

  • Click here for the Calfucura hotelCalfucura.                    4.                Downtown.          $65. 

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