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    CITY DESCRIPTION: SAN RAFAEL is located about 615 miles west of Buenos Aires it is inhabited by around 170,000. Principally a commercial city, it is the agricultural center for the area but has a lot to see and do for the tourist as well. Its surrounding lakes and mountains are great for camping, mountain bikes, rafting, and fishing. Historically it is a younger city by Argentine standards so, although there are some interesting older things to see, one would not travel here for that. However its relative youth is reflected in wide tree lined streets, and a general look of order and cleanliness. It has very good transportation, communication, and communication facilities. Hotels of every price range are available as is a casino, restaurants, discos, pubs and bars. There are numerous operators that can arrange tours to fit your taste.

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  • Click here for the Kalton HotelKalton Hotel.             3.           Downtown.  $41.

  • click here for the San Rafael HotelSan Rafael Hotel.      3.           Downtown.  $42.

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