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    CITY DESCRIPTION: RIO GRANDE is almost the most southern Argentina's cities at about 1875 miles south of Buenos Aires and 150 miles north of Usuaia in Patagonia. It is in the north part of Tierra de Fuego. Kind of surprising given its location, it is principally industry on which its 40,000 inhabitants depend. But it isn't just its petrochemical complex and agricultural production that attracts travelers. Well, 3,000 tons of beef and 3,500 tons of wool are nothing to sneeze at. The area also attracts fishermen from everywhere due its great quantity and quality of trout including Rainbow, Brook and Brown. The Rio Grande river is a fly fisherman's paradise. It has a well developed tourist infrastructure with a broad selection of hotels, and restaurants and direct flights from Buenos Aires. 

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  • Atlantida Hotel.     4.                In City.           $67. 

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