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View of Posadas Argentina from the Parana River

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    CITY DESCRIPTION: POSADAS is the capital of Argentina's most northern Province of Misiones where you will also find Iguazu. It has about 220,000 inhabitants, it's about 700 miles north of Buenos Aires. Being on the Parana River it is on the border (actually across the river) with Paraguay. Provincial capital, proximity to Paraguay make it mainly a commercial center. It is an older city, founded in 1615 and with the Iguazu not too far off there is also a lot to see and do including Moconá Falls ( 260 km away), sport fishing and water activities in Pirá Pirá Fishing Club or the Municipal River Resort. 

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              NAME.                            STARS.     LOCATION.   SINGLE IN US$.
  • Click here for the Julio Cesar HotelJulio Cesar.             4.     City Center.     $90.

  • Click here for the Posadas HotelPosadas Hotel.  3.      Downtown.       $41. 

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