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San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina

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    CITY DESCRIPTION: SAN SALVADOR DE Jujuy, sometimes called JUJUY CITY, is the provincial capital of JUJUY and is about 1,120 miles Northwest of Buenos Aires. It is an older city founded around 1593 and today is inhabited by 190,000. Like most provincial capitals it is the region's commercial center with good banking, communication and transportation facilities. When you mention the city's name it conjures up images of the Tango and Gauchos because it is a traditional Argentine city. The surrounding countryside has an unusual quality, sometimes the hills appear red, then blue, then other colors, makes it a colorful place! It has a good selection of hotels, restaurants (from Argentine to Chinese) and the obligatory provincial casino. Really not a "tourist" destination there is enough to see and do to keep you occupied between business meetings.

San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina, Alphabetical Hotel Listing 
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                                     NAME .                            STARS.    LOCATION.    SINGLE$.
  • Click here for the Augustus Hotel in San SAlvado de Jujuy, ArgentinaAugustus.                         3.          IN CITY.            $ 46.

  • Click here for the Avenida hotel in San Salvador de Jujuy, ArgentinaAvenida Hotel.                          2.         NEAR PLAZA .  $ 27.

  • Click here for the Gran Hotel Panorama in San Salvador de Jujuy ArgentinaGran Hotel Panorama.   4.        IN CITY.           $31.

  • Click here for the Fenicia Hotel in San Salvador de Jujuy, ArgentinaFenicia Hotel.                              4.        NEAR PLAZA.  $125.

  • Click here for the Internacional Hotel in San Salvador de Jujuy ArgentinaInternational Jujuy.         4.          IN CITY.          $43.

  • Click here for the Jujuy Palace hotel in Jujuy ArgentinaJujuy Palace.                              4.          IN CITY.          $64.

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