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    CITY DESCRIPTION: Gaiman is a small town in the Chubut Province with a population of a little more than 5,000. Located in the Patagonia region of Argentina, it is just a few miles west of Trewlew and near the Chubut River. The name Gaiman actually derives from an indigenous Tehuelche Indian word for rocky point.
       Originally founded in the late 1800's by the Welsh, a traveler can see that heritage in architecture, language and culture. It is the cultural and demographic center of the region known Y Wladfa, in which the Welsh-Argentina communities are concentrated. In the early 1900's a railroad was built linking Gaiman to Trelew, the main city in the region. A Welsh cultural festival, the Eisteddfod de Chubut, is held here every year in October. The town is welcomes tourists, it has a surprising number of reasonably priced accommodations for a town its size. Welsh teahouses, called tai te, are numerous. The Regional Historical Museum recalls the local history and the signs are bilingual, Spanish and Welsh. There are even a few. Protestant chapels, of which the largest is Capel Bethel.
       Among the interesting points for tourists there is Byrn Gwyn where fossils from the ancient past are abundant.

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  • Click here for the Yr Hen Ffordd in Gaiman, ArgentinaYr Hen Ffordd              2.           Down Town        $40 Low season, $50 High

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