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    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina is called the Paris of South America, is a large, complex, energetic, port city, and the capital of Argentina that stretches along the Rio de la Plata. The city itself is about a $40 US (and 45 minutes) cab haul from its International airport at Ezieza, which has daily flights from the major cities of the world. Portenos, as the residents of Buenos Aires are called, there are around 13 million of them, have a rich and diversified cultural identity. Here Italian and German names outnumber Spanish, and there is a large Anglo population too. The lifestyle and architecture are more European than any other city in the Americas. The Obelisco (Obelisk), a massive stone tower rising high over the main drag, Av. 9 de Juilio, looks a little like the Washington Monument, or 1/2 of the Arc d'Triumph with a point, is a good landmark from which to take, and keep, your bearings. The city is an interesting blend where modern skyscrapers cast their shadows on 19th century houses, tango bars face dusty, treasure-filled, antique shops. Its infrastructure reflects its position as one of the world's largest cities. For transportation there is an in-city airport called Aero Parque which has frequent flights to Argentina's cities. Also there are frequent train and bus departures to Argentina's interior from various points in the city. It has a fairly efficient subway, but for short hauls take a cab or walk. If your driver doesn't get (conveniently for him) lost, there is only one Obelisco, and show you the same landmarks twice, the cost of a cab is reasonable. The weather tends to be never really cold or really hot but there is humidity to increase the impact of either, so at least take a sweater in fall or winter. The folks here are really friendly but not many speak anything but Spanish, but they will work with you whatever language you speak to try to communicate. There is a lot to see here, so if you are on business or pleasure, you will be entertained. Here antique shopping and eating are reasonable and fun. For eating even the tourist restaurants are reasonable, featuring some really great beef, seafood and Italian. A few things you should do are La Boca with its brilliantly colored houses and restaurants, Puerto Madero which is a collection of converted warehouses along the Rio Plata, now fashionable restaurants and shops, San Telmo and Recolleta in which you can stroll and get a good feeling of what Argentina is all about.
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